MARCOGAZ and GERG jointly organised a Gas Sensors Workshop
in Brussels on 27 February 2014

Presented materials can be found below :



Gas Sensors Workshop - 27 February 2014 - Programme

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Attendance List

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Session 1 - Gas quality landscape: expectations and challenges

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DGC - Jean Schweitzer

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EU Commission/DG Energy – Kovács Kristóf

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The gas supply situation of Europe today and expected in the future
GIE - Thierry Deschuyteneer

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Experiencing gas quality change in real. Can sensors help?
Energinet DK – Jesper Bruun

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Views and visions from appliances manufacturers
EHI – Wilfried Linke

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Session 2 - Existing

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Introduction GC detectors spectroscopic device / detector correlative device other. How do they work? What can we use them for?
GDF SUEZ/CRIGEN – Julie Delahaye

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Gas quality challenges in transport and the role of sensors
Shell – Stuart Macdonald

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Capabilities and challenges of optical measurement of natural gas quality
Cranfield University – Dr. Jane Hodgkinson

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Gas Quality Sensing (gasQS™) at MEMS AG
Mems AG – Philippe Prêtre

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Microsystems for selective gas sensing
MiCROSENS SA – Dr. Ulrike Lehmann

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Wobbe Index Sensor
Bright Sensors SA – Conor Slater and Gaël Farine

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GasPT instrument
Orbital Global Solutions - Terry Williams

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Possibilities using non dispersive IR-technology for in vehicle
measurement of methane gas quality

Senseair - Henrik Rödjegård

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Ionization current sensing
SEM - Mattias Svensson

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New technologies for extended gas analysis
Elster Gmbh – Dr. Joachim Kastner

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Session 3 - Development projects with sensors & integrated technologies

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Short overview activities of the Gas Industry in relation to gas sensors
GERG PC Chairs
GERG / PC Distribution activity in gas sensors

GERG / PC General studies activity in gas sensors

GERG / PC Utilisation activity in gas sensors

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Controls for combustion optimization
AFECOR - Dr.Bergemann- H.Petermann

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Combustion Control based on Ionization Current Detection: Application in Condensing Heating Appliances
Bosch - Martin Kiefer

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Multi gas air ratio control platform (MGARCP) of DVGW-EBI to manage gas quality effects on appliance site
DVGW- EBI - Holger Doerr

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GERG Project. The potential of MEMS for gas distribution systems
Kiwa Technology - Erik Polman

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FOGA activities on Gas Quality determination
SVGW - Martin Seifert& COSVEGAZ SA - Favre Pascal

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Integrated Micro Wobbe Index meter
Bronkhorst High-Tech - Joost Lötters

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Managing alternating gas qualities with a self-calibrating multi gas control system
Gas- und Wärme- Institute Essen e.V. – Jörn Benthin

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Session 4 - The way forward


Synthesis of the workshop, Debate and Discussion


The Gas Sensors Workshop was jointly organised by MARCOGAZ and GERG

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