8th European Forum Gas 2010 - Loughborough

8th European Forum Gas 2010 - Loughborough

The European Forum Gas 2010 took place in Loughborough (UK) on 6th and 7th October 2010.


This important technical event, organised by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), SBGI and National Grid with the support of MARCOGAZ and GERG welcomed high level representatives from the European Gas Industry, Universities, Manufacturers, Laboratories and many other Stakeholders.


For 2010 the key topics for discussion were:


- Policy and Regulatory Issues
- Security of supply – Fact or Fiction?
- Downstream and demand side
- Technology, innovation and best practice

All presented materials are now available :


arrow   Shale Gas
Martin Layfield
Head of Business Development, UK
GL Noble Denton
MS Powerpoint document   (2.6MB)
arrow   Bio-methane to Grid - European Injection Experience in Germany
Dr. Harald von Canstein
E.ON Bioerdgas
Dirk Sattur
RWE Westfalen-Weser-EMS Netzservice
Dr. Thomas Stephanblome
E.ON Bioerdgas
MS Powerpoint document   (4.23MB)
arrow   Renewable Gas to Grid
An Energy Suppliers Perspective

Mark Bugler
Energy and Innovation Manager
British Gas
MS Powerpoint document   (4.5MB)
arrow   The future role for gas in the energy mix
Jeremy Bending
Director Network Strategy
National Grid Gas
MS Powerpoint document   (1.46MB)
arrow   Beyond RPI-X@20
A New Regulatory Framework for the Gas Sector

Iain Morgan
Senior Regulatory Economist
Smarter Grids and Governance
Ofgem / RIIO
MS Powerpoint document   (1,02MB)
arrow   Preparing for a New Regulatory Settlement
Stephen Parker
Regulation & Commercial Director
Northern Gas Networks
MS Powerpoint document   (953KB)
arrow   Gas 2010 - A Europe-wide perspective
Joachim Gewehr
Unit B2
European Commission
Directorate-General for Energy
MS Powerpoint document   (1,01MB)
arrow   Gas Smart Metering Explained
Steve Cunningham
Landis Gyr
MS Powerpoint document   (1.72MB)
arrow   Delivering the UK smart roll-out on time
Declan McLaughlin
Head of Business Transformation
MS Powerpoint document   (5.81MB)
arrow   Innovations with Natural Gas in the Netherlands
Hans Overdiep & Henk Ensing
MS Powerpoint document   (17.3MB)
arrow   A Qualification and Competence Framework for Gas Utilisation
Phil Burnett
Capability Manager
MS Powerpoint document   (694KB)
arrow   GASQUAL project: a step closer to gas quality harmonisation in Europe
François Cagnon
GdfSuez Convenor EN BT WG 197
Jean Schweitzer
DGC Coordinator GASQUAL
MS Powerpoint document   (3.08MB)
arrow   CCS - A New Opportunity for Pipeline Assets
Jim Ward
Business Lead, CCS
MS Powerpoint document   (3.99MB)
arrow   Fibre optics as part of a pipeline surveillance toolbox
Norman Sanderson
BP Exploration
MS Powerpoint document   (1.53MB)
arrow   GRTgaz Strategy for Asset Management
Samir AKEL
MS Powerpoint document   (4.67KB)

More information is available on the dedicated website:

Sir Denis Rooke Building, Holywell Park, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire,
LE11 3TU, United Kingdom


We would like to thank all attendees for their kind participation in Loughborough.


For more information contact the Marcogaz secretariat:
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organised by MARCOGAZ and GERG