7th European Forum Gas 2009 - 4th & 5th June in Madrid
7th European Forum Gas 2009 - Madrid
Matching Quality, Efficiency and Safety: A True Challenge!

Marcogaz and Sedigas organised the well established European Forum Gas – EFG 2009 –in Madrid on 18-19 June 2009.

In this edition, Marcogaz offered high level presentations from the Industry and University experts which will highlight the most actual and interesting issues especially related to technical competences for installers-technicians, materials, distribution systems, energy efficiency, life cycle assessment and carbon capture&storage.

EFG 2009 was held in parallel with the Spanish National Gas Congress.

All presented materials are now available :

Session 1:
"Quality and safety of gas installations"
Moderator: H. Rijpkema (Kiwa Gastech, NL)
arrow   Introduction : "Quality and Safety of Gas Installations"
Ir. Hella Rijpkema (Kiwa Gas Technology NL)
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The quality and safety of customers’ gas installations, including gas appliances, are generally met through competent installers complying with technical rules, maintenance and inspection regimes, independent inspection of work carried out and assuring competence of installers and inspectors.

In this session, presentations described different schemes for ensuring quality and safety of gas installations in different Member States from compulsory systems to self inspection.

The discussion especially tried to answer the following question: will it be possible in the future to define a common European scheme for competency assessment for gas installers?

Introduction of new technologies for building internal gas installations was also mentioned.
arrow   The registration of gas installers in Belgium
Origin actual situation - future developments
"Gas Workmanship obtains a new dynamic"

B. Thomas (ARGB - Cerga, B)
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arrow   Gas service pipe and in-house installation technologies in Germany
W. Wessing (E.On Ruhrgas, D)
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arrow   Quality control of gas installations:
the French approach

J. M. Laborde (Qualigaz, F)
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arrow   Quality control of gas installations and
Competence Assessment of gas operatives in Spain

S. de la Fuente, C. Villalonga
(Conaif-Sedigas Certificación, ES)
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arrow   Gas Safety Competence in the UK
P. Burnett (EUSkills, GB)
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arrow   Conclusion - "Quality and Safety of Gas Installations"
Ir. Hella Rijpkema (Kiwa Gas Technology, NL)
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Keynote Speech
arrow   Spain's Gas Industry within the EU
Juan Pons (Enagás, ES)
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Session 2:
"High Efficiency gas appliances
for a sustainable energy use"

Moderator: T. Jannemann (DVGW, D)
arrow   Introduction : "High Efficiency Gas Appliances for a Sustainable Energy Use"
Theo B. Jannemann (DVGW CERT GmbH, D)
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In order to mitigate the climate change and also to guarantee the security of supply the EU Energy policy is currently fostering the use of renewable sources of energy and the improvement of energy efficiency.

As a consequence, the Gas Industry has launched many actions such as the development of biogas production, the incitation to produce new high efficient gas appliances such as micro-cogeneration or the combined use of solar and gas.

To intensify the use of energy efficient appliances it is considered of outmost importance to increase the awareness of the consumers by a clear and understandable information system including a labeling scheme.

Session 2 showed practical examples of solutions for high efficient, ecological and sustainable gas utilization. All relevant current developments in gas utilization were covered.
arrow   Biogas from Co-Fermentation of Biowaste
at a Waste Water Treatment Plant

H. Heidinger (ÖVGW, A)
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arrow   ECO design directive, what impact on the gas appliance market?
J. Schweitzer (DGC, DK)
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arrow   Market Status of different high efficient
new gas appliances

W. Linke (BDH, D)
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arrow   Solar cooling systems and natural gas:
Experiences and results

H. Rubio (Gas Natural SDG, ES)
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arrow   Tri-generation source for administrative buildings
J. Ruml (RWE Plynoproject , CZ)
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Session 3:
"Best materials for a safe and reliable gas grid"
Moderator: Prof. Ph. van Speybroeck (Becetel, B)

The liberalization of the Gas Market in Europe, started in 1998 with the first Gas Directive, has dramatically changed the environment of the Gas Companies by modifying deeply their organization. In spite of these changes, the Gas Industry has succeeded in improving the safety and reliability of its activity.

To continue this successful story, a particular attention was given to maintain the existing high level requirements & procedures for materials used in the construction of gas grids and the improvement of the quality of new materials & technologies for the future.

The session focused also on the very important role played by International and European standardization in providing a common safety level and quality requirements for all the Gas Operators involved in the process.

arrow   European Standardisation for the Natural Gas Infrastructure - the benefits of participation
A. Krijgsman (Gasunie, NL)
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arrow   Potential for optimizating polyolefin coatings for steel pipes
H. J. Kocks (Mannesman – Fuchs, D)
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arrow   Certification of Cathodic Protection Personnel EN15257:2006
R. Gregoor (Fluxys, B)
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arrow   Cathodic Protection and Interferences
R. Gregoor (Fluxys, B)
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arrow   PE Gas Distribution Pipes – Some Key Quality Issues
Dr. D. Walton (Borouge / PE100+ Association, SG)
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arrow   Plastic pipes – A look into the future
S. Beech (SHB Consulting, UK)
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Session 4:
"Technical challenges due to liberalisation"
Moderator: M. Ronchi (CIG, I)

The EU rules for opening the natural gas internal market and increasing competition have created many new challenges for the gas operators. In this framework, decisions to invest in new infrastructure projects shall be taken carefully and alternative solutions to new grids such as pressure upgrading can be of high interest. But the increasing competition among the different players shall not lead to a reduction of the safety and reliability
of the gas systems but, on the contrary to their improvement at a lower cost.

Subjects presented in this session dealt with how to reconcile the expectations for a good level of safety and reliability with the constraints posed by cost reduction.

Many discussions are currently taking place at EU level regarding the possible introduction of smart metering systems. The Marcogaz position and an example of development was presented. Safety being always paramount for gas systems it is important to evaluate the possible impact on safety of new gases to be injected in the future into gas grids.

The GERG presentations give a flavour of the impact on safety of the injection of Hydrogen into gas pipelines and how to measure the safety level by the use of specific safety indicators for distribution grids.

arrow   Hellenic Natural Gas HP Transmission System - Uprating Study
V. Gourioti (DESFA, GR)
MS Powerpoint document   (555KB)
arrow   How to ensure the reliable, safe and efficient operation of transmission network
V. Potočný (Eustream a.s.,SK)
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arrow   Infrastructure planning in a liberalized environment: Austrian experiences
T. Heissenberger
(Austrian Gas Grid Management A.G., A)
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arrow   Gas Smart Metering System:
the MARCOGAZ and FACOGAZ position

J. Dehaeseleer (ORES, B)
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The Effect on Safety of Adding Hydrogen
to the Natural Gas System

B. Lowesmith
(GERG, Loughborough University, UK)

MS Powerpoint document   (943KB)
arrow   Gas distribution grids Safety Indicators:
Dutch approach

M. Wolters (GERG, Kiwa, NL)
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