6th European Forum Gas 2008 - 18&19th September in Bratislava
Best Technologies for a Safe and Reliable Gas Supply
castle Bratislava
After the successful previous events held in Munich, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin and Paris, Marcogaz and SGOA, the Slovak Gas and Oil Association, organised the EFG 2008 in the heart of Bratislava on the 18th and 19th of September 2008.
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Conference Programme

6th European Forum Gas 2008 in Bratislava
(Newsletter - January 2008)

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arrow   EFG 2008 Conference Programme
"Best Technologies for a Safe and Reliable Gas Supply"

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Welcome, Opening and Introduction speeches by:
- Mr. M. Kebrdle, Marcogaz President / CGA, CZ
- Mr. P. Janocko, SGOA President
Mrs. A. Zakova Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic
Mr. A. Jourdain, eustream Chairman of the Board of Directors
arrow   Introduction *
Antoine Jourdain, Chairman of the BoD Eustream a.s., SK
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Session 1:
International - Cross border transmission systems
Moderated by J. Nehoda, RWE Transgas net, CZ
arrow   Introduction *
J. Nehoda, RWE Transgaz net, CZ
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International and cross border transmission – transit pipelines are the backbone of the European natural gas supply chain. Their safety and reliability are essential not only to guarantee the safety of people and goods but also for ensuring the security of supply of the whole Europe. Therefore maintenance and inspection techniques of pipelines systems are essential for guaranteeing their safe and reliable functioning in an environmentally friendly way.
arrow   External inspection of transit pipelines corridor*
R. Repčík, eustream, SK
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arrow   SiRCos (Sistema riparazione condotte sottomarine - submarine pipelines repair system)*
C.M. Spinelli, ENI Div. G&P, I/S. Fabbri (Sonsub)
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arrow   Methods used for reduction of maintenance impacts on the transit transmission*
R. Ňukovič, eustream, SK
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arrow   The emission trading: German experiences and future prospects*
J. Vorgang, E.ON Ruhrgas, DE
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Session 2:
Training and Competences in the natural gas chain
Moderated by M. Wolters, Kiwa Gastec, NL
arrow   Introduction *
Presentation *
Prof. dr. ir. Mannes Wolters, Kiwa Gas Technology/University of Twente, The Netherlands
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The actual societal scenario is characterized by a fast changing, due to globalization, in all the business sectors and the energy sector, in particular the natural gas business, is no exception to this rule. The Gas Industry, in order to develop its activity in a more and more safe and effective way need professionals whose skills are tailor-sized on its needs taking into account the new scenarios and the future developments induced by competition and a new regulatory framework.
It’s consequently advisable that the needs of the Gas Industry should find appropriate answer in an adequate training offer from the European universities and training bodies. This session aims therefore to express the needs of the Gas Industry and examine the offer from University and training centers.
arrow   Developing Engineering Competence*
D. Salisbury, National Grid, UK
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arrow   What are the needs for training and master degrees in the Gas Industry for a continental
Europe Gas Company*

A. van den Berg (rep. J. Peters), Essent, NL
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arrow   Twenty years of experience: the roots of European masters in gas engineering, management
and energy policy*

G. Frade, AFG, F
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arrow   International Master in the natural Gas Chain*
A.B. Camara, M. delMazo (rep. L.Gorospe), Instituto Superior de la Energia in Madrid, ES
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arrow   European Gas Engineer joint study program(EGE)*
A. Heilmann, Claustal University, EGE Group, DE
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Session 3:
Research & Development
Moderated by M. Florette, GERG President, GDF Suez, F
arrow   Introduction*
M. Florette, GDF Suez, F
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This session presents elements of the GERG Research Roadmap to illustrate the way in which R&D contributes to the strategic objectives not only of the European gas companies but also those of society in reinforcing the European gas market. The Research Roadmap is based on four orientations necessary to meet the industry challenges by 2030:

  • securing the European gas supply;
  • improving the safety and integrity of gas networks;
  • developing smart gas uses & managing energy demand;
  • improving the sustainability of natural gas supply and use & future energy schemes.
arrow   IGU Efficiency Indicators - A tool demonstrating the CO2 advantages of gas technologies*
J. Schweitzer, Danish Gas Technology Centre, DK
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arrow   Development of polyamide (PA) pipeline systems for gas systems at pressure between 10 bar and 20 bar*
M. Wolters, Kiwa Gas Technology, NL
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arrow   Improving Pipeline Safety Using Automated Aerial Surveillance (UAVS)*
M. Zarea, Gaz de France, F
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arrow   LNG Ageing – MOLAS Application*
A. Benito, Enagás, ES
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Session 4:
NGV for a sustainable transport policy
Moderated by Mr. J. Lesinsky, Slovak Technical University, SK
arrow   Introduction *
J. Lešinský, Slovak Technical University, SK
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The climate change asks for more and more stringent caps for carbon emissions for the industry but also for the transport sector which is likely to be included in the future in the Emission Trading Scheme.
NGVs are the fastest way to build a very sustainable transport policy meeting, therefore, the environmental constraints: which are the relevant issues to tackle in order to have an effective NGV market offer.

arrow   NGV infrastructure and utilization in Hungary*
S. Balla, Egas-Degas Zrt, H
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arrow   Widening the driving range of NGVs*
U. Thien, MAGNA Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik, A
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arrow   Biomethane for NGVs, an additional benefit to the Environment*
H. Heidinger(rep. P. Seidinger), OMV Gas Intl, A
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arrow   Development of NGV Standards and Technology*
F. Mariani, ENI Div. G&P, I
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Session 5:
Metering for gas systems
Moderated by J. Dehaeseleer, Electrabel, B
arrow   Introduction *
Presentation *
J. Dehaeseleer, Electrabel, B
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Energy efficiency together with the needs of a more effective customer energy management, gas quality variations induced by diversified sources of gas supply (like LNG, biogas or other renewables), carbon capture and transport for further storage call for new and more sophisticated ways of measurement of energy and other fluids than natural gas like CO2, biogas.
The aim of the session is to present the actual state of the art of the solutions already available on the market or under development to meet the aforementioned needs.

arrow   Smart metering: Is there a need for Standards?*
J. Sibley, Advantica Ltd, UK
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arrow   Principles and Concepts in Energy Determination: an introduction to the Guidance Note produced by Marcogaz*
D. Lander, National Grid, UK
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arrow   CO2 Emissions under the Emission Trading Directive*
F. Dupin, DVGW, DE
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arrow   Biogas injection – technologies, framework and experience*
O. Jönsson, Eon Gas Sverige, S
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