5th European Forum Gas 2007 - 12th & 13th September in Paris
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Session 1:
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the Natural Gas Industry
Moderated by H. Heidinger (ÖVGW)
arrow   The success story of condensing boilers:
the strategy of boilers manufacturers

A. Mariottini (Riello Boilers)
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arrow   Energy Label for domestic gas boilers. A positive experience in Denmark.
J. Schweitzer (DGC)
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arrow   Micro combined heat and power systems: What can be expected in terms of energy savings?
H. Overdiep (GasTerra)
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arrow   Energy savings in the new EU Member States: The Czech experience
M. Kebrdle (CGA)
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arrow   Opportunities for Gas Utilities through the EU Energy Efficiency Policy - the “Energy Star 2010” Programme, an example from Austria
J. Reichl (Universität Linz)
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Session 2:
Gas R&D Challenges
Moderated by M. Florette (Gas de France)
arrow   The Orfeus Project: a step change in Ground Penetrating Radar technology to locate buried utilities
G. Manacorda (IDS)
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arrow   New Gas Works Concepts -
The examples of Minimal Trenching

J-P. Capdevielle (Gaz de France)
H. Reichenbach (S&P)
F. Gröschl (DVGW)
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arrow   Gas Camera -
Mobile imaging system to detect methane plumes from distances between 0 m and at least 100 m

P. Schwengler (E.ON Ruhrgas)
Dr. A. Schmücker (E.ON Ruhrgas)
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arrow   Separation - a key technology towards the hydrogen economy?
C. Komodromos (Oxford University)
A.K. Bhattacharya (Oxford University)
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Statoil’s R&D on CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)-
10 years of CO2 Storage

T. A. Torp (Statoil)

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Session 3:
Network Asset Management (Transmission and Distribution)
Moderated by N. Perachio(Enagas)

Performance Indicators for Distribution System Operators
R. Malaman (Italian Regulatory Authority)

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Asset management of gas distribution in the U.K.
E. Syson (National Grid)

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Development of a responsibility management system in Germany
A. Klees (DVGW)

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Reducing Third Party Damage to High Pressure Pipelines
N. Jackson (National Grid)

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Development of a Eurogas-Marcogaz Methodology for Estimation of Methane Emissions
A. Riva (Snam Rete Gas)

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Session 4:
Gas Quality Issues
Moderated by T. Jannemann (DVGW)

Towards one European Gas quality
N. Grall (EU Commission DG Tren)

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Gas Quality Measurement
P. Schley (E.ON Ruhrgas)

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The Effect of Gas Quality on Appliance Design
M. Searle (Baxi)

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LAB-TQ- Tightening environmental regulation on energy using appliances requires more accurate measuring and better repeatability - Why a supplementary qualification for labs is needed?
K. De Wit (ARGB)

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Economical and technical aspects of biogases and their injection, growth potential for biomass/biogas in Germany
U. Klaas (DVGW)

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ENGVA – for sustainable mobility
Challenges and opportunities for NG and biomethane used as a vehicle fuel

P. Boisen (ENGVA)

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